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Monday, 3 October 2011

Speech to Parliament Strasbourg 28th September 2011 The Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012

The Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012 sounds important, but it is really? The socialist one-world agenda has been having a hard time of it of late. Global problems require global solutions? Sounds good. But global governance through scare stories about manmade global warming have fallen flat - people in the UK, the US, and China are hugely disbelieving. Everybody knows that CO2 is not the cause of the ice ages coming and going - so how can a little extra CO2 be a problem now, whether or not it causes global warming? Isn't a little warming a good thing? Would anyone here really prefer icebergs in the Channel and polar bears in Brussels?

The same goes for the even more vague scare stories that have been peddled using meaningless rhetoric since Rio twenty years ago. No one knows what 'sustainable development' really means. And who would want 'unsustainable development' anyway? The environmentalist "ban everything except windmills" attitude is going to send us back to the Middle Ages if we don't put a stop to it.

You are calling in this document for 'tangible actions and accountable targets' but of course it is all just Soviet five year plans all over again. It is about time we recognised these failed communist policies for what they are, and go back to the honest free market approach which creates wealth for all by innovation and hard work, not endless interfering and political tinkering.

Derek Clark  MEP                                          
28th September 2011

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