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Monday, 29 April 2013

Northampton Commentary Friday 26th April 2013 COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS

Northampton Commentary Friday 26th April 2013
The Chronicle & Echo, the local Northampton paper, conducted an on-line survey over lunch-time today, asking people to vote for who they thought would win the County Council Elections a week hence.
Leaders of UKIP, Tory, Labour, Lib-Dem, Greens and “others” took part in an on-line Q & A.. With no leader as such we were asked to nominate a spokesperson and we put Margot Parker up for it. Views were expressed and points made over a two hour debate and people could vote on line. Voting continued into the late afternoon, and at 4.30 pm the figures were,-
Conservative 24% Labour 11% Lib-Dem 3%
Others 5% Green 16% UKIP 42%
The leaders of the other parties included Brendan Glynane (Lib-Dem) and Tony Clarke (Green), both well known in the town. Tony is an ex labour MP, holding the Northampton South Seat for two successive elections, 1997 & 2001. He fell out with the Labour party and held a Borough Council ward as Independent Labour over two elections, now a Green. A pity in many ways, I don’t like to see former students of mine being badly treated.
As for the Tory leader today you may recall my latest Strasbourg commentary in which I commented on the odd statements he made as Tory leader of the Northants CC when I met him at Geddington during Nigel’s whistle-stop tour. He claimed that the expensive Brussels office the CC were to establish would generate hundreds of thousands of pounds for businesses in the county, seconds after saying that local elections were not UKIP business since there was no connection between a County Council and the EU!
I said then that he was confused, but I had not realised how much. One would think that, as local Party and CC leader of some standing now, he should have been doing his stuff in the on-line debate, but was conspicuous by his absence. He had a dental appointment!! Now we all know how difficult making such appointments can be but there are times, are there not?
It’s all to play for next week, get those leaflets out, they’re no use next Friday.
Good luck to all of you
Derek Clark MEP Northampton 26th April 2013

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