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Monday, 5 December 2011

Brussels Commentary Plenary Session 30Nov - Dec 1st 2011

Brussels Commentary    Plenary Session         30Nov - Dec 1st  2011

 Tuesday Debate  on the Economic crisis and on Croatia's admission.

Economy, all the usual phrases and the EC/ ECB have to lead us out of the crisis! Economic governance the answer, and the EU institutions must work with democratically members to participate in decision making, well!

Apparently Bonds and Bailouts are not giving cash to Greece etc, but are helping them to manage their debts!

Even Verhofstadt thinks the Euro is close to collapse and that Germany / France were once good news for Europe, now they are bad news. They are not following their own advisors, the five wise men, but making up their own minds. I would say making it up as they go along. What is certain is that there is no new plan, no plan "B", so it will just go on, and then collapse. (memo, must have a word with Angela when I get the chance).

Wednesday  You will have Nigel on the web speaking about the admission of Croatia but, meanwhile, Parliament took a vote on it today.  Or, rather, two votes, both with same title by the same rapporteur. Can't tell you why, I missed voting meeting today as I was hosting a visitor group from Grantham College. Anyway, both these reports on Croatia's accession were passed, by 564 - 38 and 550 - 34. So another lame dog will soon join us and a very corrupt one at that. How could it be otherwise when their Government is of exactly the same communists who ruled over it when it was part of Yugoslavia!

Have a nice week-end, I'm going while I can.

Derek Clark MEP                       Brussels    1st Dec 2011

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