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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Starting Britain's Great Escape - Nigel Farage speech

Speaking in the European Parliament, Strasbourg today in front of Presidents Barroso and Van Rompuy during a heated debate about conclusions of last European Council meeting,

UKIP Nigel Farage said that Britain, even if Cameron did not know it has started its Great Escape from the EU. An escape that will her democracy and freedom back. Britain had been left with no friends at the EU, only enemies who speak of retribution and imposing financial market legislation on the UK. The Socialist leader Martin Schulz described Britain as 'blackmailing' the EU, Joseph Daul talked darkly of Tanks and Kalashnikovs after Christmas.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said,.

"I often ask myself the question - why would a successful country that has enjoyed a thousand years of independence give up its right of self-government to the unelected non-entities which sit before us this morning?

And the answer that comes back from the Foreign Office and the great and the good is that we must have influence in Europe, we must have a seat at the top table so we can change things. We have done our best to prove what good Europeans so we go on paying the EU 50 millions pounds per day, we have helped the Euro bailout fund even though we did not join the currency, thank goodness. We have given you 80 percent of the fish stocks that swim in our waters, your fleets can come and take that from us.

We have applied every directive that you have given us absolutely to the letter, and all of it to gain influence. In fact, Nick Clegg is so deluded he still thinks we can take the lead in Europe.  When a British prime minister goes to a summit with a very modest proposal to protect a uniquely important British industry a snarling President Sarkozy  tells him where to go, with German approval of course.

And we find ourselves without a friend in the room - some influence!

Well, you have decided to head off on the Titanic towards economic and democratic disaster and we are now in a lifeboat outside the Titanic. But we are threatened with a bow wave that is going to come and engulf us if we are not careful and its retribution.

We have heard the language of retribution this morning- financial market legislation is going to be imposed upon Britain and we will have no influence whatsoever over any of it.

Something changed though on Friday, Mr Cameron may not know it but we are now on course, Britain is going to make the Great Escape.

We are going to get out of this Union, we are going to be the first European country to get our freedom back. I suspect many others will follow and then what we shall have is our democracy back, our freedom back and we shall have influence in the world as you lot head for disaster. It is going to happen."

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